Friday, July 26, 2013

Find Your Truth of the Moment, and Don't Give Up

There is nothing in the world that you are better at then simply being you. And having the discipline and confidence to be yourself is the key that will unlock your door to happiness and success. Just ask Grammy award winning rapper, producer and entrepreneur Shawn Carter (better known as "Jay-Z" or "Jay Z"). When asked about his continued success in music, where most artists eventually fade away, Hova explains that "it is the discipline to not get caught up in the moment" or "jump on the next hot thing" that has made him successful, whereas other artists "don't stick to what they know."

"Just having the discipline and having the confidence in who I am and if I go into a studio and I find my truth of the moment, there are a number of peope in the world that can relate to what I'm saying and are going to buy into what I am doing, not because it's the new thing of the moment but because it's my genuine emotions."

Not only is being yourself what you are best at, it is also the most unique gift you have to offer the world. After all, there is only one you. If you want to do something great, or bring some small change to the world, take Mr. Carter's advice: find your truth of the moment, and share it with the world. There will be enough people interested in what you have to give, so long as it is geniune.    

The second piece to this puzzle, and perhaps the one that requires the most discipline, is that once you discover who you are and what you have to give to the world, you have to never give up. In reflecting on his own success, Jay-Z's states, "The genius thing we did was we didn't give up." Whether you are an artist, athlete, entrepreneur, band, brand, company, etc., you will hear the word "no" many, many times. Doors will be shut, and you will almost definitely feel at some point like you should just give up. This is a right of passage that every sucessful person must endure: finding the will and drive to insist on following your dream no matter what, to essentially be willing to die trying to achieve what you believe in. Get to that point, find yourself at that place, and you will have already succeeded. 

Here is a YouTube clip of Jay-Z discussing his success:

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