Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Magic of Shaquille O'Neal: Daring to Dream Big

Shaquille O'Neal has always been larger than life. First of all, he stands at 7'1" and boasts a size 23 shoe. Then there is that grin. An almost ear-to-ear smile that let's you know immediately he's having fun. From the moment he entered the NBA, Shaq was the stuff mythology was made of, a basketball God of sorts who shattered backboards with thunderous power.

Today, Shaq is retired from the game of basketball but his presence and influence continues to be felt around the world. In addition to continuing to leverage his celebrity as a spokesperson for various brands, Shaq has managed to become quite the entrepreneur himself. He has a real estate firm, The O'Neal Group, was a pre-IPO investor in Google, holds stakes in Muscle Milk, Vitamin Water and social media start-up Tout, and owns 55 Five Guys restaurants, as well as multiple car washes and fitness centers.

The reason for Shaq's success? He's a dreamer.

When speaking about entrepreneurship at a South by Southwest conference, Shaq told the crowd, "I look for big dreamers, people like me," and that he is interested in people and companies who "help people, inspire people and change the world." In other words, Shaq, like so many other successful entrepreneurs, looks to the value that an opportunity can bring to the world first, understanding fully such an opportunity will inevitably bring value back to him.

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