Monday, April 8, 2013

What is the Artist, Athlete & Entrepreneur Connection?

What is the artist, athlete and entrepreneur connection? That is, what is it they all have in common? One word: Passion.
Artists, athletes and entrepreneurs are intrinsically linked by their passion. Artists spend their entire lives devoted to a craft and mastering those skills. Athletes spend their lives preparing mentally and physically for competition. Entrepreneurs devote their time, energy and resources to developing new ideas and building companies. Each is driven by a burning passion to succeed, an unwillingness to give up, and the unwavering faith that what they are doing is what they were born to do.
And there is another connection: they need each other. Artists and athletes need to prepare for what will most likely be a relatively short career. They need to become entrepreneurial early on and start looking for other business opportunities. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can use artists and entertainers for their celebrity, to raise the profiles of their companies and give that extra "push" when bringing a new idea or product to the public. Artists and athletes also have a unique expertise in their respective fields that can be used by entrepreneurs involved in sports or media-entertainment (e.g., who better to serve on the board of a new cutting-edge digital music company than a cutting-edge musician?).
Simply put, there is this very natural synergy between artists, athletes and entrepreneurs that needs to be better utilized. The mission of this blog will be to bring you news and opinions relating to the artist, entertainer and entrepreneur connection in hopes of enhancing that synergy. Stay tuned.

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